Helping to keep the gates in your life open to God and closed to the enemy


“God is working through Jenny Mellon in amazing ways. This ministry was not only necessary for me to survive spiritually, but also to thrive with the Lord, saying “no more!” to fear, shame, condemnation, perfectionism, religion, bad habits, etc. I highly recommend doing the 15-hour thorough-format ministry specifically with Jenny. She was so personal and sensitive to my needs, she listened so well, and made me feel safe, loved, and hopeful. During each one of our sessions Jenny demonstrated efficiency and creativity, being led by Holy Spirit. Through the structure and layout of this ministry, Jenny helped lead me into God’s presence, creating a space for me hear the Father’s voice and to receive healing and breakthrough. I am writing this a year after I went through the 15-hour ministry as an additional testimony that the Lord has indeed delivered me from some major strongholds! No doubt, I’ve had some minor struggles this past year, but I feel so confidently grounded in truth and equipped with the tools from RTF. I now walk in freedom! Praise be to Jesus! Thank you, Jenny!” – Jane

“I highly recommend that everyone goes through the RTF ministry with Jenny Mellon. I have actively been seeking inner healing for a couple years and have made very gradual, slow progress, however with RTF I have experienced immediate and accelerated healing! I am truly astonished! The inner healing I had been previously seeking had a sole focus on soul-spirit hurts, whereas RTF used an integrated, holistic and very thorough approach. Jenny made it very easy to be vulnerable and open up. She is very attentive, actively listens, and kind-hearted. She customized my sessions based on my personal needs and gave me a booklet with written material that summarized everything we covered. I have experienced a lot of trauma in my past, but received a tremendous amount of healing in a very short time. I feel much stronger and walk in more freedom and less fear. I am truly amazed and I highly recommend RTF with Jenny!” – Melissa

“Restoring the Foundations Ministry has been “Key” in my journey of personal freedom. God has used this tool, RTF Ministry, to identify hurts, wounds, fears, and fortresses that needed to be addressed and dismantled. The domino effects, have been continuous and far reaching. So many solid changes have taken place, in my life, over the months. I highly recommend going through this ministry with Jenny.” – ShaRon

“Thank you again for RTF and impacting my life for His Kingdom. I am doing very well. My fear of God the Father has changed to Holy Awe!!! I am learning to read His Word more and more without fear. I am learning to trust God the Father more and more! Thank you a thousand times one thousand.” – Mary

“In receiving RTF ministry, the deep cry of my heart for many years,…answered!
Almost like a portal had been opened up in the heavenlies to enable me to see & understand the negative affects & pressure of ancestral sin in my life.
To see with my own spiritual eyes the work of Holy Spirit in areas of my life that had been buried alive is a demonstration to me of the powerful love The Lord Jesus has always had for me.
To be able to ‘put my finger on’ the effectual workings of the gracious finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross is such a continuing life changing experience.” – Shirley

“RTF has completely changed how I walk on my healing journey with Jesus. I received healing in so many different areas of my life, giving away the baggage that I no longer needed to carry. I even walk with a much lighter step.

I was skeptical about doing a 5 day 15 hour session of RTF ministry. I knew I could receive some healing, but truly never expected the amount of freedom I have experienced working through various issues through carefully guided steps with Jenny. After reading the information on the process, I truthfully felt overwhelmed. However, I was truly amazed at how fast the time went by each day, and how much ground I had taken back from the enemy.

I believe that both traditional therapy and Christ based RTF ministry have their respectful places in my healing journey. I definitely grew in both approaches to dealing with my painful past and current issues resulting from it. We often don’t realize just how much we are oppressed in our lives until we are freed from it. Jenny is so gifted by God to teach, that the hours it took to process many different issues flew by.

I have struggled in many different aspects of my life over the years. I have kept myself from experiencing all the love and joy that Jesus wants me to experience by harboring bitterness, anger, regret, shame, etc. He doesn’t want us to be weighed down by these burdens and actually wants to take them from us.

Through RTF, I have come to know deep in my soul, the all-encompassing love of the Creator. I am coming away from this ministry with such an enormous feeling of relief, a tremendous amount of freedom from my burdens, and wrapped in a blanket of hope and excitement for what the Lord has in store for me next!

Thank you, Jenny, for your ministry.”  –  Heather